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Offer a wide range of maintenance services to help keep your properties running smoothly and efficiently.


AC Maintenance 

Our specialized services boost your AC's efficiency for optimal comfort in every room. We focus on minimizing repairs, thus extending your unit's life. Our diverse inventory includes a wide selection of both genuine and high-quality aftermarket spare parts, ensuring the perfect match for your AC's requirements

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Keep your pool in top shape with our flexible maintenance plans. Choose your preferred visit frequency. We ensure optimal chlorination, balanced pH, thorough vacuuming, backwash filters, complete pool filter system inspection, and pool coping washing for a clean and enjoyable swimming experience

Swimming Pool Construction

We cater to all pool types, from standard to customizable and international standard commercial pools. Experts in every aspect, we specialize in shotcrete and all construction methods, including skimmer, overflow, and infinity pools

General Maintenance

We understand that many commercial, corporate and retail establishments require maintenance services from time to time, but do not have the resources for a full-time staff. To address this increasing demand, Arabian Reliance Facilities Maintenance Services team has competent in-house techs that are fully-equipped with service vehicles, plus an extensive pool of resources .

Fire Fighting Maintenance

Periodically maintenance services for all types of fire equipments or systems. We have all kind of machineries and tools as well as professionally qualified and trained staffs in order to do various fire fighting equipments maintenance. we guarantee the systems in operational condition in case of any emergency

Plumbing Maintenance

  Proactive preventive maintenance program helps ensure your plumbing system is operating efficiently on a scheduled basis, helping to reduce reactive, costly emergency repairs & replacements, and eliminate costly water damage.

Pest Control

provides an array of options ranging from Pest Control preventative measures to routine servicing based on annual or periodical contracts. Sound technical training, continuously updated to international standards.

Electrical Maintenance

Maintenance of the high and low voltage electrical distribution systems on our client sites. We carry out lighting and electrical maintenance within offices and all common areas of all Facilities.

Offer a wide range of maintenance services to help keep your properties running smoothly and efficiently.

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